The OLA membership value proposition:

Inform, Connect, Engage, Shape

  • Inform members of federal, state and regulatory policies that directly impact the well-being of your business and the online lending industry.
  • Informs influential policy makers of the positive story of online short-term lenders providing products and services consumers deserve.Provide a forum for connecting online lenders to vendors and enable them to conduct business.
  • Provide high visibility opportunities for vendors to promote their products and services to a targeted audience of online short-term lenders.
  • Actively engages in regulatory and legislative processes to ensure positive outcomes for the short-term online lending industry
  • OLA Members engage in industry Best Practices and provide consumers with short-term lenders providing products and services consumers deserve.
  • Shape policies at the federal and state levels of government that impact the short-term online lending industry.

OLA membership gives your business a voice

With Consumers

With so much competition, sometimes you feel like you get lost in the shuffle. OLA member companies differentiate themselves by giving potential customers a reference point for industry standards, such as Best Practices and Code of Conduct. They’re here for your customers to see, ensuring that they are fully informed, protected and fairly treated by online lenders. When customers see that you belong to OLA, they know they will not only get financial relief, but that they are doing business with a reputable company that adheres to good business practices and principles.

With the Government

OLA speaks as the united voice of the industry. Our professional staff is always available to member companies should the need arise for public relations assistance. We also provide media relations training and counseling to our members upon request.
There are an astounding number of challenges presented to online lenders in the regulatory and legislative arenas. Many non-member companies are simply unaware of the potential threats to their business.

OLA takes an aggressive, pro-active approach to defending industry interests. As part of this effort, we have engaged two prominent Washington DC firms that keep their finger on the pulse of the federal legislative and regulatory processes. In addition, we maintain a state legislative tracking system that constantly monitors news reports and bills that may threaten the industry in a particular state.

Many legislators in state houses and Congress simply lump the online lending industry in with other businesses which have no bearing on consumer short-term lending. Unfortunately, many of the proposed remedies for problems in those industries will directly and adversely affect our industry.

In addition to the complex maze of financial regulatory agencies (FDIC, FTC, OCC, state regulatory bodies) with which all lending institutions must comply, the addition of the Internet to the lending business exponentially increases the potential legislation and regulation that could adversely impact the industry.