• Federal Trade Commission chases phantom debt collectors with lawsuit filed in Chicago

    One of the newest consumer scams involves debt collectors who bully consumers into paying debts they don’t owe.

    One scheme, which has bilked U.S. consumers out of some $5 million so far, involved about 8 million phone calls originating in India. They were placed to American consumers over an eight-month period, the Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday.

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  • Court Order Halts Debt-Collection Operation FTC Calls Fraudulent

    A federal judge in Chicago moved to shut businesses that allegedly used illegally obtained personal financial data to make threatening debt collection calls from India to thousands of consumers who didn’t owe them money.

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  • FTC issues warning on fake debt collectors

    (CHICAGO) (WLS) — The Federal Trade Commission warns consumers about what they call fraudulent debt collectors.

    The agency says the companies included in a new lawsuit prey on people who have used online payday loan services. The lawsuit was filed against two companies and one individual. Officials say they used threats and scare tactics to get people to make payments they do not really owe.

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  • Authorities: Debt-collector scam bilked millions

    A phone scam in which callers in India posed as debt collectors bilked millions of dollars out of more than 10,000 U.S. residents by using threats of arrest or the loss of their jobs, U.S. authorities said Tuesday in what they described as a first-of-its-kind investigation.

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