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By April 23, 2020No Comments

An innovative leader in AI-based credit risk management, Accelitas is reimagining financial access through the transformative power of data.

By enlisting the advanced predictive analytics of Ai lift, Accelitas customers have been able to leverage uncorrelated alternative data to identify creditworthy thin-file and no-file borrowers that traditional credit scores miss.

And with the disruption of the COVID-19 crisis, the need for new and nimble credit data is even more critical. As retail transactions focus on the essentials, the uncorrelated alternative data that powers Ai List is delivering automated real-time results straight from the shopping cart; groceries, hardware, health, and household products. Combining super fresh ecommerce and merchant point-of-sale data with custom-tuned analytics, Ai Lift provides unprecedented daily insights to help navigate today’s uncharted waters.

Now more than ever, borrowers need to borrow, and lenders need to lend. With its ability to harvest this Essential Real-time Data, Ai Lift offers a fast, fair, and frictionless solution for an uncertain marketplace. It also makes sense when the economy inevitably rebounds, letting you continue to make informed credit risk decisions while increasing your pool of creditworthy borrowers.