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By May 18, 2020No Comments

IDology, a GBG company, provides solutions to drive revenue, and fight fraud. Its why online lenders have trusted IDology to successfully verify loan applicants’ identities, optimize underwriting, and stop fraud loss since 2003.

96% of lenders surveyed in IDology’s 7th Annual Fraud Report view identity verification as a strategic differentiator to achieve objectives for customer experience, cost per funded loan, and default prevention.

Lenders using IDology can felixibly deploy services at different points in the waterfall to stop risk before spending more money to complete underwriting, or more time to fund a loan.

IDology’s long-standing collaboration with lenders, and integration into multiple lending software partners, produces solutions backed by fresh, diverse, consumer data sources combined with machine learning analytics, and customizable enterprise configurations.

Online lenders looking for an advantage choose IDology to help balance their customer’s expectations for fast, safe service against shifting fraud tactics, costs of acquisition, and loan origination in a highly competitive fintech marketplace.