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Zero Parallel

By May 8, 2020No Comments

The world has changed, prompting you to adapt and get innovative about how you can earn more revenue during periods of uncertainty. That’s why Zero Parallel is now giving lending partners like you a pathway to limitless success with a new, free technology tool, Open Market.

Open Market transforms the way you earn revenue by letting you better monetize your organically generated leads in your own marketplace.

How lenders benefit with Open Market:

  • More revenue from leads that you cannot convert
  • Smart insights into your traffic to optimize your efforts
  • Dedicated experts available 24/7 to help you every step of the way
  • No disruption – Use your existing Loan Management Software to underwrite your leads 

Most importantly for right now, Open Market is available for free. Learn more and see how it works.

Contact the team to get started:

Hiko Akopyan, Senior Vice President of Client Relations

John Cody, Senior Vice President of Affiliate Relations

Chelsey Reynolds, Client and Data Manager