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Bankrupt Debt Acquisitions

By May 4, 2020No Comments

Bankrupt Debt Acquisitions focuses on the collection, purchase and management of bankrupt receivables. Along with their partnered law firm, they have specialized in the purchase and service of bankrupt accounts for over 30 years. They work with some of the nation’s largest banks, credit unions, fintech’s, debt buyers, collection agencies, online and short-term lenders.

This can be a difficult time for our industry. Government is pushing leniency towards consumers and businesses in collections. If you are a lender, collection agency, or debt buyer looking for additional liquidity, consider having us purchase or service your bankrupt accounts.

Bankruptcy recovery requires no borrower contact. It is a passive recovery method that involves the creditor rightfully filing a proof of claim in a bankruptcy court.

It is a safe and compliant way your company can manage cash flow during this difficult time.

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