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Hudson Cook, LLP

By April 23, 2020No Comments

Since 1997, Hudson Cook, LLP has been advising clients on state and federal consumer financial services, banking and privacy compliance, regulation, enforcement and supervision. In response to these challenging times for financial services businesses, we have built a dynamic resource to help clients and friends keep up with evolving federal and state responses to the pandemic. Please visit our new COVID-19 resource page for extensive materials on how the federal, state and some local governments are responding to the pandemic, guidelines provided by regulatory agencies and more.

As you know, state and federal executives, agencies and legislatures are reviewing data and circumstances every day and adjusting their responses to the pandemic all the time. We are monitoring for changes and developments and will post updates to this resource as we find them. Please check back regularly.

We hope you find this resource helpful to your continued operations as you develop and maintain your own response to the crisis.