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EPIC Loan Systems

By April 27, 2020No Comments

Today there is a need to service customers online now more than ever. EPIC Loan Systems is the resource lenders need to offer loans exclusively to borrowers online. EPIC employs many features that allow lenders to service borrowers remotely. Here are a few of those services:

  • Robust API: EPIC is an open platform that can be utilized through web services. The EPIC API is a RESTful programming interface allowing you to access data directly from EPIC products.
  • External Decisioning Gateway: EPIC gives you the ability to create your own internal rules as well as configure an underwriting waterfall. Our EDGe product passes data to an outside system, processes that data, and returns a response back to EPIC.
  • Payment Management Options: EPIC accepts multiple payment options for borrowers. ACH, Debit Card, Wire, Same Day ACH Debit, Credits, Wire and Check21 are a few of the electronic payment options that EPIC provides.

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