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By April 27, 2020No Comments

ValidiFI is redefining how financial service businesses measure risk and process payments. With innovative data, technologies and customized strategies, we help increase client acquisitions, reduce processing fees, and facilitate payments. As the unemployment rate skyrockets due to COVID-19, Employment and Bank Verifications are more critical now, than ever before. During this time of uncertainty, ValifiFI has put together services to address validation needs, whatever they are:

  • Validate if the applicant has income
  • Validate that a borrower is still employed
  • Monitor a borrower’s bank account balance
  • Validate funds availability before presented a debit
  • Reduce return and overdraft fees

Additionally, we have created an app to track the virus cases as well as the unemployment rate by state to detect patterns that are developing at a national, regional, and local level. With this data, identify employment trends for better, smarter decisioning. Visit us here for all your Corona related resources.